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Mexican Sweet Coffee


I’m about to rock your ever lovin’ coffee drinkin’ world.

Ready for it?

Mexican sweet coffee.  Oh yeah.  I said it.  You think you’ve had great coffee?  They have great coffee in Mexico.  You say “I’ve traveled the world and Mexico does NOT have good coffee..  France has good coffee.  Italy has good coffee.”  …well sit down, sister..  Mexico puts France and Italy to shame.  Somewhere in Italy there’s a Barista sobbing from what I’m about to teach you.

Please allow some deviation from my normal recipe giving threads as I tell you of my own personal history with Mexican sweet coffee.  Shaun and I travel extensively throughout the world.  (yeah right.  If by travel you mean to Target and back) and this year or ventures took us to the Yucatan Peninsula for a much needed and well deserved vacation.  Aside from the excessive rain that comes with an unplanned tropical storm that decides it doesn’t want to move for days, we actually got to do a bit of sightseeing and exploring.  We went to the ruins of Tulum and Xel-ha.  Which is awesome because all it is is cliff diving, drinking, snorkeling, drinking, tubing, drinking, hiking, drinking, swimming through cenotes, drinking, and eating.  Between all that drinking we found this little earthen stone pot in the middle of the buffet of awesomeness. (we both devour mexican food like it’s manna from heaven and this was authentic mayan food.  Sold.)  They give you espresso sized cups to “try” this black liquid with a little card by the side that says ‘mexican sweet coffee’  …the heck you say.

Now I’m not one for drinking coffee wherever I go.  I have a distinguished (snobby) taste for coffee and it takes a lot to please my picky pallet.

This.  was.  Amazing.

Let me explain.  If I could have lifted the earthen pot they had the batch in and guzzled it without actin’ a fool it would have happened.  But the last thing I wanted was for a whole bunch of native Mexicans pointing and laughing and calling me a silly gringo tourista.  …pretty sure they did that anyways, just without the pointing and laughing.

My husband was equally enamored with the coffee.  I think we *might* have had more of this coffee than we did free alcohol.  …I know.. blasphemous.  Even with those stupid tiny cups they came in.

So when I got home I looked up how to make it.  Apparently a lil history lesson.. it’s served at funerals and can also be called funeral coffee.  They stay up all night mourning and needed something to drink and this was it.  ….now I’m not much for funerals but if funerals around here served this coffee I wouldn’t mind staying up all night to mourn either.

…so without further adieu, I bring you…the best coffee you will ever taste:


Mexican Sweet Coffee
Points:  Who cares??!
Serves: 1 (but double, quadruple, whaddever if you want to share)

3 cups water
2 full tablespoons medium roast coffee ( I used Starbucks blonde roast)
1/2 cinnamon stick
2 tbsp panela or piloncillo (or Mexican Brown Sugar…brown sugar will work but c’mon.. do it right) You can get this at Mexican food stores.  but don’t go in there speakin your english cuz it don’t work there.  😉

1. Bring water to a boil.
2.  When boiling, add coffee, cinnamon stick and sugar (you can break it off from the block with a serrated knife.  If it’s really hard then you can microwave the block for a few seconds and it will soften up.)
3.  Boil for about 30 seconds and then strain and pour into cup to drink.  I poured it into my french press.. it was just easier to strain that way.  (feel free to add cream or milk if so inclined.  I do.)
4.   Sit back and enjoy and envision yourself in Mexico! ( …but not at a funeral cause that’s just creepy.)